Honolulu (KHON2) – New parking program, PARKLINQ is helping Hawaii residents find parking with their convenient and easy to use technology. 

According to CEO and founder, Tyler Saenz, the new PARKLINQ app offers a birds-eye view of a graphical map that pinpoints available parking areas in real time, a feature that Saenz feels alot of Hawaii residents can benefit from. 

“Our goal is to make finding affordable parking a simple, stress-free experience. Motorists simply scan the QR code on PARKLINQ signs posted at parking lots to pay for parking. Coins or credit cards are not necessary, which makes it completely contactless,” says Tyler Saenz, CEO and Founder of PARKLINQ. 

Parklinq is currently available around the Honolulu area, and will soon be available for Maui residents in the near future. 

Saenz says, ” We’re very excited to bring our smart parking technology to Maui so that residents and visitors can enjoy the same convenience of contactless pay-for-parking service as those on Oahu.”

During the pandemic, the Maui Ocean Center transitioned to QR codes for their digital maps and presentations, a feature that inspired Saenz to create QR codes for parking reservations.

“Ma‘alaea Triangle Association recently signed a Low Impact Development agreement with Maui Nui Marine Resource Council and this demonstration project funded by Maui Office of Economic Development for watershed management will serve as a model to address permeability issues and the redesign of parking areas. The QR codes have proven to be a welcome feature by our guests. Reducing the number of touch points for our visitors also helps to mitigate the effects of the ongoing pandemic,” says Tapani Vuori, General Manager of Maui Ocean Center.

Those looking to learn more information about PARKLINQ can visit their official website.