Pacific Marketing Conference- Know your “Why”


The first Pacific Marketing Conference in Hawaii coming up in May will demystify digital advertising, video content and expand tools for reaching consumers in 2019.

This one-day conference will be held on May 7, 2019 at the Prince Waikiki.

The American Marketing Association of Hawaii planned the conference to provide programming, communications, networking opportunities and special events that inform, educate, celebrate and develop the careers of marketers in Hawaii.

The conference welcomes local and nationally renowned experts sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience and it will connect marketing leaders, business owners, students, and aspiring professionals from across the Pacific Rim. 

The Pacific Marketing Conference is broken down into three tracks: Business to Business, Business to Consumer, and Non-Profit with topics including traditional marketing, digital marketing, and innovation.

Dan Richards, Conference Chair and Director of Marketing at Locations and Video Content Creator Brad Watanabe, Owner of Berad Studio, joined Living808 to explain why anyone who has a business or brand to promote should attend.

Watanabe says, “Video is everywhere and every business, large or small is looking for video content. There’s event videos, TV commercials, documentaries, how to videos, vlogs…. and can get a little confusing as to what kind of video is best for your company. Companies often spend a majority of their marketing trying to compete with others on what makes them better, rather than what makes them special.  Simon Sinek says: People don’t buy what you make, they buy why you make it.  Your brand, your why, your story is something that no other business can compete with and it’s the most powerful piece of marketing you can build for your business.  Impactful storytelling is at the core of what we do for our clients and is typically the missing component to much of today’s digital marketing.”

Students can receive discounted admission.

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