Our Kuleana, with Pashyn Santos Show Uses Humor to Highlight Health


Honolulu (KHON2) – Social media content creator Pashyn Santos is using humor to highlight health and Covid vaccination in a new show called Our Kuleana, with Pashyn Santos.

“When I first started writing comedy, I did it because it felt good to laugh at real life things,” says Santos. “But then I learned that humor fosters retention when learning. So, this special gave us a great opportunity to educate and entertain.”

Viewers will be entertained and informed in the show. “I like to joke that it’s my Hawaiian version of Bill Nye The Science Guy,” adds Santos. “We get a whole lot of really important facts and information from our 2 experts Dr John Kauwe and Dr Isaiah Walker. Mixed in with several short skits and reactions to the information that’s easy to digest!”

Her favorite skit is the Ali’i Zoom! Santos describes it this way, “Just imagine our Ali’i of the past trying to have an important meeting with today’s technology. The cast is brilliant and they did an amazing job of making us both buss laugh at how it might have looked like as well as portray the aloha and mana these Ali’i emulated.”

Sheri Daniels, Executive Director of  Papa Ola Lōkahi says, “Since the beginning of the pandemic, Papa Ola Lōkahi has tried to engage community through different mediums – in-person events, social media campaigns, and PSAʻs. We ask that you join our efforts by helping us to raise awareness and protect our community.”

The role of Papa Ola Lōkahi is to uplift the health of Native Hawaiians and help to create thriving communities across the state. Daniels adds, “COVID has been a challenge and continues to strain many people, families and communities. We have through the Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander COVID19 Hawaii (Response, Recovery, Resiliency) Team been able to collaborate with over 60+ organizations to help education, support and work on addressing COVID related challenges.”

You can watch the show online.

Website:  www.nhpicovidhawaii.net

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