Aloha Organizers’ mission is to help people get organized.

According to owner, Nancy Nino, a more organized lifestyle helps people have less stress, more free time, and greater joy. 

It can also help you save money. 

Having a disorganized pantry, for example, can prompt you to buy more food than you need, since you don’t know what you have. Your food can go unused and expire because it’s not easily accessible.

A cluttered pantry may also cause you to feel uninspired, and less likely to cook at home or entertain.

Nino gives Living808 viewers some tips on how to get an organized pantry using the popular SPACE method, created by nationally renowned organizer and author Julie Morgenstern.

“Whether your pantry is a larger walk-in pantry, a large cabinet, or even just a few pull-out drawers, this method works,” Nino said.

SPACE stands for: 

Sort: Take everything out of your pantry and group like items together.

Purge: Discard any expired food in those groups. You may also find some food that is not expired, but that you or your family don’t like. Put that aside to pass along to someone who could use it.

Assign a home: Now you’re ready to start putting things back. When considering what should go where, incorporate the hot-warm-cold method.

  • Hot items are used every day or almost every day, and should be in the easiest to access spaces (prime real estate of the pantry).
  • Warm items are used often, though not daily, and you want them easily accessible, but they don’t have to be in the prime real estate.
  • Cold items are used infrequently and can be in the harder to reach spaces, such as up high or down low.

If you have little ones, you may also want to have certain items either easily accessible or not easily accessible, so that factors into your placement choice as well.

Containerize: Put like items in containers so you can maximize space and easily pull out all of one type of item when you’re choosing what to eat or prepare.

Equalize: This step happens later, say a day, a week, even a month after you’ve organized your pantry space. You’ll start to notice some things that really work and others that don’t at all. For example, you may love mixed nuts and pull them out every day for your lunch or snack, but you may have placed them in a hard-to-reach spot. In that case, you would shift things around or “equalize” in order to make them more easily accessible to you.

According to Nino, these steps work regardless of the area you are organizing so try them out in your junk drawer, your bathroom, or your garage.