If you’ve made the environmentally-friendly and money-saving option of investing in solar, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it! We went to the RevoluSun Innovation Center to talk to Eric Carlson of RevoluSun about how you can be sure you are optimizing your solar investment.

Eric talked about their services, saying, “We are definitely known for our customer service and technical follow through. RevoluSun has the largest Customer Service team in the islands, from our in-house reps, to our field technicians and our panel cleaning specialist.  Speaking of which is another great way to protect your investment. Routine maintenance in the form of system inspections and panel cleaning will get the most out of your solar system production, similar to how your regularly maintain the air in your tires, to get better gas mileage or change your oil, to ensure your engine is running optimally, you want to do the same with your solar system.”

RevoluSun also does the maintenance and trouble shooting on non-RevoluSun systems.

For more information, visit their website at revolusun.com or call at 748-8888 or visit their showroom at Salt in Kakaako!