Olakai Hawaii is the only farm to commmercially grow Sea Asparagus in the entire United States. It is the largest grower of ogo or limu in Hawaii as well and both grow in Saltwater Ponds, a place that owner Wenhao Sun says usually kills vegetable crops.

”Sea Asparagus and Ogo symbiotically grow in Salt water ponds in Kahuku. It is an anti-algae saline aquaculture system. Currently we only grow sea vegetables in the ponds and we do not grow any fish in the pond, so It is an open Salt water hydroponic system, not an aquaponic system. Our culture system is sustainable and our products both Sea Asparagus and ogo are clean and safe to eat.’

Not only are they safe but have tremendous health benefits.

‘ Hawaiian Sea Asparagus has been considered one of next anti-aging foods. The Sea asparagus has very high content of folic acid (Vitamin B9) which helps to improve skin, make you look younger. It also has a high amount of Vitamin B 2 and electolytes of Sea Asparagus keep you high viatility. Sea Asparagus has anoher exceptional nutritional benefit : it si the richest known source of betainewith 5 % per dry weight. Betaine, also know as trimethylglycine or TMG, is an N-trimethylated amino acid which plays very important rôle in the control of homo-cystein and supporting methlation. Betaine also help to control many againg realated problem such as hearing loss, memery loss, osteoarthrites, diabetes, depression etc. No wonder some people call Sea Asparagus as Ginseng of the Sea.’

You can find the Olokai Hawaii products in your local health food store and supermarkets and visit them online at olakaihawaii.com