Okinawa Week: Sunrise Restaurant


Sunrise Restaurant features traditional Okinawan Food.  

There’s a HUGE difference between Okinawan and Japanese food.

Okinawa was a kingdom that traded heavily with China and Southeast Asia, and our food reflects this rich history.

For instance, from China we got pork and we happily eat every part of the pig, from snout to tail.  Sunrise is part of an incredible restaurant tradition in the islands.

They are a part of the 350+ Okinawan owned restaurants in Hawaii! Sunrise is a gathering place for the Hawaii Okinawa community and for anyone who loves Okinawa.

They have a saying Ichariba Chode, which translates to “Once we meet, we are family.” Katsu and Tomoko treat their customers like family, which is why they have so many regulars.

They embody this value and pass it on to their customers. And Sunrise is like being at a BBQ at your family house as owners Chokatsu & Tomoko Tamayose create a fun atmosphere.  

Chokatsu’s big personality is a major part of Sunrise. He runs things from his sushi counter and loves to interact with his customers, setting up dates between single customers and introducing people to each other.

Ichariba Chode. When he finishes cooking, he will often start playing the sanshin and sings Okinawan folk music. People often join in on the singing and dance kachashii.

Katsu is the only person who uses a soup spoon as a pick. A lot of musicians like to eat at Sunrise and do a surprise performance. 

Visit Sunrise Restaurant at 525 Kapahulu Ave # A, Honolulu, HI 96815
Or call (808) 737-4118

And reminder: 37th Annual Okinawan Festival will be on August 31st and September 1st at the Hawaii Convention Center.

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