Watanabe Flowers Bring Happiness & Joy!


We all smile when we get flowers from a loved one and a study by Harvard, Rutgers and Texas A & M Universities have all concluded that flowers in the home can lift spirits and change the mood by as much as 30%!  Also, in work places, it is shown that offices with plants and flowers increase worker productivity by as much as 20%-30%!  The flowers have a calming effect and helps to stimulate creativity and ideas! 

And there is a new lineup of flowers at Watanabe as Marketing Director and General Manager Monty Pereira explains.

“My favorite lineup that we created during the first shutdown last year due to Covid.  Our design team was given the liberty of using some of our most popular, tinted products to create a line of items that are so colorful that it will surely make your or a loved one Happy.  Here are a few of my favorites.”

And Monty also explained to us how the Pandemic has really changed the business.

“Covid has changed everything!  With our in store and wholesale business suffering greatly from Events still be shut down, and after we were shut down not once, but twice in 2020, we launched our Fresh Foods and Market in November.  Allowing us to partner with local produce providers like Aloun Farms and Farmlinks, local bakeries such as A Cake Life and Soleil Bakery Hawaii, or new ventures like the Kau Kau Box or partnerships with Hawaiian Chip Company and Enjoy where we are able to have their famous products shipped directly to your family and friends on the mainland!  We are excited to have food as a part of our business going forward!”

For more information on flowers or arrangements, visit www.watanabefloral.com

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