Kahilu Theatre on Hawaii Island will host the Lim Family Valentines celebration this weekend.  It’s entirely streaming on the new platform, Kahilu.tv.  The Lim family is excited.

“With the tight knit community we have here on Hawaiʻi island it is such a blessing that they have created this platform for us to stay connected to our audience. We are excited to share in this new endeavor with Kahilu to carry on our music traditions in a time where live performances are at a stand still.”

And the Lim’s are working on some new music!

“We are currently recording a new album. During COVID we thought it best to use this time wisely and what better way than to make more music. It has given us a reason to come together again and do something we love. This project has also given us an opportunity to include our children into the process. It’s exciting to see because they too are carrying on the legacy and we can’t wait for the exciting new projects they are working on.” Welo: Life, Legacy and Family live from Kahilu Theatre. The live stream is Saturday February 13th starting at 4pm exclusively on Kahilu.TV. Individual tickets for this show, which are good for an entire household, are $19.99 and available at the Kahilu.TV