Brunch With Aloha Celebrates Mother’s Day With Creative Crafts


Honolulu (KHON2) – Owner of Brunch With Aloha, Malorie Holcomb-Botts continues Mother’s Day Celebration with DIY craft ideas and a chocolate recipe the whole family will enjoy. 

Known for their do it yourself (DIY)  crafts, Brunch With Aloha is still honoring mom’s with an easy at home project that will inspire family time and creativity. 

“I think that no two moms are the same, so when we are honoring them, I feel it is important that we personalize our gifts to them,” says Malorie Holcomb-Botts, Owner of Brunch With Aloha.

With many followers on social media, Brunch with Aloha has reached an audience from all over the country with amazing ideas that the whole family can enjoy and work on together. 

Holcomb-Botts says, “Every year we give our mothers flowers, and this year I figured we do the same, but we hand make them using coffee filters. These won’t dye, plus they have a special meaning behind them because they are hand made by loved ones.”

In addition to their crafts, Brunch With Aloha suggests using personalized M&Ms to your Mother’s Day Cake.

“Not a lot of people know this, but you can customize your M&Ms with your picture or a nice message. Once you have your customized candy, just decorate your  cake with it, any way you’d like, says Holcomb-Botts.

For more DIY craft ideas and recipes, Malorie encourages everyone to follow the Brunch With Aloha’s official social media account. 





– Old Sock

– Coffee Filters

– Non-toxic dye

– Pipe cleaners


– Dye coffee filters in colored dye

– Cut a circle out of the old sock

– Glue sock to the center of the coffee filters

– Glue pipe cleaners to coffee filters

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