ALS Awareness Walk


Two local realtors are gathering the community to support a friend who was diagnosed with ALS in September of 2019.

Adrienne Lally talked about her relationship with her friend Pebblz.

“I met Pebblz 10 years ago, we have been Roller Derby sisters skating together over the years. Pebblz is a leader in the community through pageants, body building and then with Roller Derby. When I heard she needed help we wanted to put our marketing and connections to work and help get the word out.”

Attilio Leonardi is also helping bring awareness.

“During this pandemic many other health issue research has been put on the back burner, there are currently at least 80 people here in the state that have ALS and the resources can be improved. Pebblz was recently fired from her job due to COVID 19 and now is faced with massive co-pays for her insurance on treatment that costs $50,000 for each treatment.”

The group is meeting at the Honolulu Zoo at 9am on July 5th.  They are encouraging people to wear their butterfly ALS shirt designed by Pebblz.

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