Honolulu (KHON2) – First time vendor Aloha Modern will be one of 200 featured local vendors at the first ever Made in Hawaii Festival online marketplace starting August 21st.

Co-owner Mālia Kaʻaihue, says of the 5 year old company, “We dreamt up the concept of Aloha Modern over pau hana drinks wanting to tell the deep relevant stories of Hawaiʻi in fun ways. The ocean remains a place of refuge for us so it just made sense to create this ocean lifestyle company. As island people the ocean is what connects us with the rest of the world, our vision is to share a little bit of Hawaii with every design and product.”

Aloha Modern is known for its microfiber towels. Every towel is anti-sand and quick drying and tells a deep story about Hawai’i. 

Kaʻaihue adds, “Just last week we released our Hilo towel which tells the stories of the many meanings of Hilo including the moon phase and the braiding we see in leis.”

Aloha Modern’s product line also includes fun bags, tees, pouches, and beach blankets.

Each designs has a story behind it. “Our panana beach blanket showcases the star constellations used by our Hawaiian navigators to travel around the world,” explains Kaʻaihue. “It has all of the names of the star houses and quadrants. Our most popular design is our po mahina. You can get this design in a tee, towel or blanket on which you will find the names of each of the moon phases. We know that our ancestors used these moon phases to know when and what to plant, fish, etc. We often ask our keiki ‘o wai keia po? This means what moon is it this night? Keiki answer of Hilo keia po. Meaning tonight belongs to the Hilo moon. We believe that this is our most popular product because not only is the design beautiful but it’s cultural, educational, environmental and just simply beautiful.”

“Our vision is to share our deep cultural heritage in fun ways with ocean loving people,” adds Kaʻaihue. “We feel a tremendous amount of kuleana with having a Hawaiian lifestyle company, headquartered here in Hawaiʻi, telling the stories of our land and sea.” You can support local by buying Aloha Modern and other Hawai’i brands during the Made in Hawaii 2020 Festival online marketplaces August 21-23, 2020.


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