Navian Hawaii is a local non-profit organization, that started as Hospice Hawaii over 40 years ago. Navian nurses are sensitive to local culture and guide patients and their families on their journey, providing the kindness and dignity that they deserve. Today, we were joined by Christina Lewis, FNP-C Nurse Practitioner, and Shantell Cruz, RN and Admissions Nurse at Navian Hawaii. They described the wonderful work that they do and shared information on Navian’s current employment opportunities

Christina Lewis described what she aims for with each patient. “We want our patients to feel joy and comfort among their loved ones.  We do everything we can to provide the best support and care during this time in their lives.  For many patients, it’s a time of reflection and sometimes elation that there is reduced fear on this journey. A hospice nurse needs to have compassion and empathy.  And at Navian Hawaii, our nurses love to work together and collaborate on the best care for our patients.  We are a family, and we treat our patients like family.”

Navian Hawaii is a wonderful place for nurses to find a truly meaningful purpose. 

You can see all that Navian has to offer on their website at