In a recent interview with Non-Stop Travel, we got an exclusive look into their extraordinary travel experiences and upcoming opportunities for 2024. Non-Stop Travel shared about their record-breaking numbers of travelers exploring destinations like Japan, Korea, US National Parks, Canada, Alaska, and Europe. Gene Miyake, Managing-Director of Non-Stop Travel, joined us with all of their details.

Gene recently returned from a Northern European summer vacation and shared the iconic places they visited. They started at the renowned TWA HOTEL at JFK airport before spending time in captivating Copenhagen, Denmark. A cruise on the new EXPLORA JOURNEY then led them to the wonders of Iceland. He said that Copenhagen offers a rich cultural experience, with a full-day walking tour that included must-see sights like the Mermaid Statue and the picturesque waterfront. A visit to the world-famous TIVOLI GARDENS, home to the world’s oldest roller coaster, added to the adventure.

Non-Stop Travel’s cruise also included stops in lesser-known destinations, Lerwick, Shetland Islands, and Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, offering a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience.

Gene shared how Iceland provided a cool escape in August, with Reykjavik’s pleasant 70-degree weather. Their culinary journey included fermented shark, Lamb Soup, Fish Stew, and a Lamb Hot Dog, with some tastes being an acquired delight. They also explored the GOLDEN CIRCLE, experiencing geysers, waterfalls, and the rejuvenating BLUE LAGOON.

 Gene emphasized the liberating feeling of travel after two years at home and encouraged viewers to fine-tune their bucket lists for 2024. They have over 150 groups ready to embark on new adventures and are currently working on Japan summer tours and fall Japan excursions for 2024.

For those eager to join the adventure, signing up for Non-Stop Travel’s tours is easy through their website,