NIDON Clean Energy, Commercial and Residential Energy Storage and Power Systems


NIDON Clean Energy has you answer to solar, PV and battery power here in Hawaii! They also keep you up to date on all the changes with solar and energy laws in Hawaii! Right now, there is no more room on the grid for the old net energy meter systems, therefore the PUC has ordered that Self Supply also known as Self Consumption which requires battery, is the new law of the land.

Traditionally battery systems are sold as backup power, meaning they can never pay for themselves as they only go active during power outages.  Today’s battery technology means they can be used every day so the payback is similar to how PV was several years ago.  Yes, battery systems are complicated which is why so few companies offer them with a payback of any kind.

There is also an online monitoring feature that puts people in even more control of their self-supply system. The OpticsRE remote monitoring system lets people check on their usage.

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