National Ice Cream Day with Roselani Ice Cream


The nation will celebrate National Ice Cream day this Sunday the 21st and Roselani Ice Cream has something everyone. 

In the 1920’s, Manuel Nobriga was in the block ice business.  During that time, a well-known company started to rent warehouse space from him to store their products as well as to make their own ice cream brand.

In 1932, that company quit the ice cream business and Nobriga decided to get into it. With the help of two ice cream books that we still have today, he started experimenting with making ice cream from scratch. He ended up being really good at it and developed recipes and unique flavors that are still used to this day.  

Roselani Ice Cream is available statewide at most major grocery stores as well as at many of your favorite mom and pop stores in the community. 

For more information or to find where you can pick up your favorite Roselani Ice Cream, call 808-244-7951 or visit

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