The Lim Family Honors The Island of Hawaii Through Music


Honolulu (KHON2) – Kohala based family, the Lim’s are honoring Hawaiian history and their home town with music, recognized by many across the state. 

Grew up in the Kohala area on the island of Hawaii, the Lim family have been around Hawaiian music their whole life, which they have been trained in since a young age. 

“Our parents played music, which sparked interest in our brother Sonny. Not too long after, myself and our sister Lorna followed, learning how to play instruments, and dance the hula,” says Nani Lim, singer and songwriter. 

As one of Hawaii’s most recognized musical families, the Lim’s have always stayed true to telling the story of Hawaii and its people, allowing their music to evolve throughout their career. 

“Our first love is traditional Hawaiian music, but as we got older, we each started to appreciate different styles of music. Now we try to incorporate contemporary workings into our foundation of Hawaiian mele,” says Sonny Lim, Singer and Songwriter. 

With strong roots grounded from the town of Kohala on the Island of Hawaii, the Lim’s are dedicated to paying tribute to their hometown in whichever way they can. 

“It was an easy lifestyle growing up, and we want our fans to experience that same lifestyle we grew up in when they hear our music. A lot of Hawaiian composers that we looked up to came out of Kohala, in which we were able to learn from, and we still incorporate their teachings in our work today,” says Lorna Lim, Singer and Songwriter. 

With 7 albums currently available to stream, the Lim Family is working on their 8th, in which they encourage all of their fans to follow them on social media to stay updated. 


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