Local Musician from Kaua’i Represents Hawaii Through Music


Honolulu (KHON2) – Up and coming musician, Nakz is presenting the island of Kaua’i through new singles and upcoming projects in the local music scene. 

Local singer and songwriter, Nakz is making a name for himself in the local music industry, receiving positive feedback for his original music. 

“I have been recording and playing music for 6 years now, I originally am from O’ahu, but since moved to Kaua’i to bring my work for island music to another location, and audience, says Nakz, singer and songwriter. 

Since the stay-at-home order, Nakz has been working on his craft in and out of the studio, creating new music and performing at locally owned businesses to help Kaua’i residents stay afloat during unprecedented times.  

Nakz says, “I have been gigging at the Sheraton on Kaua’i weekly as a way to help bring business into the local hospitality industry. I have also been working on some new music, one called ‘Here’s Another Lie’ and ‘The Plan.'”

The latest single to be released by Nakz is entitled “The Plan,” a song that has been two years in the making, inspired by singer and songwriter Adele.

“I am a huge fan of Adele, and I heard one of her songs off her older albums, and that soulfulness she has in her lyrics inspired me to write ‘The Plan,’ which became, by far my favorite song to record,” says Nakz. 

“The Plan” and other singles released by Nakz can be streamed on all digital streaming platforms. 


Instagram: @NakzMusic

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