Kimie Miner Releases New Song That Features The Keiki of Hawaii


Honolulu (KHON2) – Kimie Miner and Haku Collective partner up with a local program that celebrates the mission of local non-profit, Na Kamakai. 

With the release of her newest single Kimie Miner empowers the keiki of Hawai’i to pay homage to those who came before us and how the ocean provides for it’s Hawaiian people. 

“For Native Hawaiians and Polynesians, this connectivity lives deep within our genetic DNA. This song invites each of us to return to the sea, our home,” says, Kimie Miner, singer and songwriter. “This song carries the message of our past which thrives among us today. When we engage with nature and our ‘āina, we are connecting to our past and becoming whole again.”

“Children of the Sea” is a single off of Kimie’s soon-to-be-released album. The album, which is also titled “Children of the Sea,” is in collaboration with “Haku Keiki,” a new project that features Hawaii’s youth through music. 

“It was really exciting working with Aunty Kimie, especially on something that is so meaningful to us, and so close to home,” says Kenuenue DeSoto, singer and songwriter of Haku Keiki. “I was excited to be behind the mic and in the studio with Aunty Kimie. It was my first time and I can’t wait to do more,” adds Kaipo’i DeSoto, singer and songwriter of Haku Keiki.

Kimie and the Haku Collective team collaborated with Na Kama Kai on this full-length album to share the important messages found in the educational lessons of Nā Kama Kai’s ocean clinics.

“Na Kama Kai is a non-profit organization for Hawaii’s Keiki. We basically teach each other about taking care of the ocean and to remind one another that we are the stewards of the ocean. It’s important to follow the traditions of our ancestors, so that we can protect and upkeep what we have today,” says Puamakamae DeSoto, singer and songwriter of Haku Keiki.

Kimie’s latest single, “Children of the Sea” is available to stream on all streaming platforms. 




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