Four Local Musicians Come Together To Create Newest Single


Honolulu (KHON2) – Four local musical artists bring their individual talents to the recording studio to create a new single, entitled “Kodak Moment.”

With each of their own respected talents in the music industry four artists come together to create “Kodak Moment,” a new single that came out by accident.

“We all are individual musicians. Vocalists, guitarists, and producers. One day we were all hanging out at a mutual recording studio and started talking about how crazy things are in the world. One thing led to another and we just poured out our thoughts about the current events into a song, entitled ‘Kodak Moment,'” says Daju, Music Producer.

With each artist bringing their own individual talent to “Kodak Moment,” they all share the same goal, something that was the driving point when working together. 

“We all have different paths when it comes to music, some of us like singing and some of us like working on tracks and beats behind the scenes, but when it comes to music as a whole, we all want to create art that will inspire and help our audience, which is why it was an easy decision for us to come together as a team,” says Koins, Lead Vocalists.

With all of the current events happening around the world, “Kodak Moment” has become a form of artwork, a song local musician, Tyler Donavan feels sheds light on a hard time. 

“Kodak Moment is basically about our thoughts and opinions about what’s happening in today’s world. Like Daju said, it started off with just a normal conversation about our thoughts and perspective in today’s society. The main message is to let people know to live in the present and embrace it. This is the bigger picture, this is that ‘Kodak Moment,'” says Tyler Donavan, guitarist. 

Kodak Moment is available to stream on all streaming platforms.






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