Elementary School Teachers Create Viral Video To Bring Smiles to Hawaii


Honolulu (KHON2) – Local Elementary School, Ma’ema’e Elementary is bringing the dance moves and good vibes to social media to uplift Hawaii residents. 

Ma’ema’e Elementary School prides themselves on great parent-teacher communication, but since the stay-at-home order, the faculty and staff have found a creative way to reach out to their school parents. 

“It has been harder to connect with our students, their parents and other colleagues as we maintain social distancing, so we made a video at the beginning of the year to help boost our students’ buy in and get them excited to learn even online. The students and community loved their previous music video “Let’s Read Baby” so much that we followed it up with “Just Choose Luv,” says Carissa Kano, First Grade teacher at Ma’ema’e Elementary School. 

Kano and her students share a love for Korean pop band, BTS that for this years’ music video, they decided to pay homage to their favorite boy band. 

Kano says, ” My students and I love BTS not only for their catchy songs and cool dances, but also for their message of love and positivity. Especially with the recent increase in anti-Asian racism, I think it’s great to highlight this group of hardworking artists.” 

The production of the music video has been “out of the comfort zone” for most Ma’ema’e Elementary Faculty and Staff, that they brought in local director, Evan Fujimoto to help make everyone comfortable.

“The role of director, Evan, was important because he made everyone feel comfortable with what they were doing.  It was a very lax environment which made it fun and entertaining.  We definitely couldn’t have done this without him,” says Lenn Uyeda, Principal of Ma’ema’e Elementary School.

The guidance from Fujimoto, and the contagious energy from the faculty and staff has caught the attention of many throughout the state, so much so, that Uyeda did not predict how well it would be received.

Uyeda says, “The response from everyone has been tremendous!  The video has reached everywhere and I haven’t heard anything negative about it.  The message is great and the humor of the principal and counselor in there made it even better.”

To watch Ma’ema’e Elementary School’s “Just Choose Luv” music video, viewers can log onto the schools’ YouTube page. 

“Just Choose Luv” By The Faculty and Staff of Ma’ema’e Elementary School:

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