Dillion and Kamalei Pakele Honor Their Father, in New Album Produced by Kimie Miner


Honolulu (KHON2) – Local musicians, Dillon and Kamalei Pakele bring the musical lessons taught by their father, Kaulana Pakele, into the recording studio as they work with Kimie Miner on her newest album, “Children of the Sea (Nā Kama Kai)”.

Dillon and Kamalei Pakele are two up and coming musicians working with the Haku Collective team on its newest album, “Children of the Sea (Nā Kama Kai)”. Handpicked by local singer and songwriter, Kimie Miner, to be featured on the full-length album, Dillon and Kamalei showed off their musical abilities as students in Haku Collective’s Mele Craft Bootcamp.

“It was an amazing experience. We got the chance to work with some great artists, some who are around our age. The biggest thing I took away was meeting and networking with new artists, that till this day we still keep in contact with them,” says Dillion Pakele, Singer and Songwriter.

The mission of the Mele Craft Bootcamp is to help establish up-and-coming artists in Hawaii through vocal training, songwriting, and networking. For the Pakele children, working closely with each other in the bootcamp is something that helped gave them confidence.

“I love my brother. I was able to lean on him, and him on me. Because we already know each other so well, we were able to help each other throughout the bootcamp. Overall, working with the Haku collective team was a really good experience and I loved it,” says Kamalei Pakele, singer and songwriter.

Children of the late Kaulana Pakele, Dillon and Kamalei kept the memory of their father alive, as they brought the lessons he taught them about music into the studio with the Haku Collective team.
Dillon Pakele says, “The main lesson my dad taught me about performing was to have a positive energy. When I’m in a good space, I am able to bring my audience into that space with me, and we can have a great time.”

That positive energy can be heard and experienced by the Pakele children, and other students of the Mele Craft Bootcamp, in the new “Children of the Sea (Nā Kama Kai)” album, produced by Kimie Miner and the Haku Collective team.

Pakele says, “The album is about celebrating the ocean, and reminding everyone how important it is to take care of the ocean.”

“Children of the Sea (Nā Kama Kai)” is set to debut in December. 



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