Chardonnay Makes A Positive Impact on the Local Music Industry With Her New Single


Honolulu (KHON2) – Chardonnay brings the fun and excitement through her music to be a voice to those who don’t have a platform.

Known for her entertaining performances and catchy music, Chardonnay has been making a positive name for herself in the local music industry, capturing the attention of many statewide.

“I’ve been performing in the local music scene for a few years now, and I love the feeling I get when I’m on stage. It’s cool to see the audience dance, sing and have fun with you while I’m performing,” says Chardonnay, Singer and Songwriter.

In addition to performing at multiple venues and events statewide, Chardonnay has been releasing music, a form of art she calls her outlet for her opinions.

Chardonnay says, “I like to call myself the ‘singles queen.’ I have been releasing single after single that coincide with whatever emotions I’m feeling at the time, or whatever current events I would like to share my thoughts on.”

Singing has been Chardonnay’s way of releasing her thoughts and emotions and has helped her feel encouraged during hard times, an emotion she would like her fans to walk away with, when listening to her music.

“I want my fans to feel motivated and inspired. If they are going through something, I hope my music can uplift and encourage them to move forward,” says Chardonnay

Listeners can stream Chardonnay’s latest single ‘Hey’ and more on all streaming platforms.


IG: @Chardonnay.Music

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