15 Year Old Makes His Music Debut on Haku Collective’s New Album


Honolulu (KHON2) – The Haku Collective Team has been hard at work putting together the finishing touches on the new “Children of the Sea (Nā Kama Kai),” album set to debut in early December, featuring students of the Mele Craft bootcamp.

Aside from surfing, 15-year-old Rocco Olmstead has found a new passion in music thanks to the Haku Collective team’s mele craft bootcamp.

“The Melecraft Bootcamp was an amazing experience. I got the chance to learn what it takes to put together a song. From the writing process, to the actual performance, we learned it all,” says Rocco Olmstead, singer and songwriter.

The mission of the Melecraft bootcamp is to teach young aspiring artists in Hawai’i how to create quality songs and remain authentic to themselves through music, with the help of its mentors.
Olmstead says, “The best part about the bootcamp was meeting new people and hearing their stories be told through their songs. I came out of the bootcamp with many new friends, all wanting to reach the same goal.”

Olmstead not only caught the attention of his peers in the bootcamp, but the attention of the Kimie Miner and the rest of the Haku collective team, in which they invited him to record two songs off of the album.

“I was really nervous on my way to the studio. I remember shaking as we approached the building. When I got in, The vibe was super fun. Everyone was laughing, even though there was some hard parts in the recording process, but overall I had fun and I can’t wait to record again.”

No stranger to the water, Olmstead related to the upcoming “Children of the Sea (Nā Kama Kai)” album, something he feels proud to be apart of. 

Olmstead says, “The album basically encourages the keiki of Hawaii to care for the Ocean. We tell stories of how the ocean took care of us, and now we are telling others we should return the favor.”
Children of the Sea is set to debut on all streaming platforms, December 4, 2020.



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