Moon Physical Therapy is an outpatient facility that offers land-based physical therapy and aquatic therapy with the Hydroworx 350 a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy system using an underwater treadmill.    

The Hydroworx 350 is a high-tech under-water-enclosed treadmill that fills up with warm water in less than three minutes. It is able to quickly add or remove the water depth ranging from 1 inch to 56 inches with the touch of a button. This is extremely useful for those patients who are in pain (the depth would be increased) or to challenge a patient and prepare them for increased weight bearing on land (decreasing depth).  It is used for rehabilitation, exercise training and sports performance. The treadmill speed ranges from 0.1 mph to 10 mph, and it is able to accurately simulate land-based walking, jogging and sprinting without stressing your joints.

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