Money Matters: Tips for students commuting to college

Money Matters

If you’re in college but not living in the dorms, the commute to and from campus isn’t always easy.

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union has tips on how to get to class with the least amount of stress while keeping costs manageable.

Depending on where you’re going to school will determine how viable some of the commuter options available to you are. 

Option #1: Walk or bike
If you live near campus, you may want to consider walking to class. It’ll let you get in some exercise in the morning, as well as save you money.

If you’re not in the mood to walk, there are other great options like bike or scooter share programs. 

Although these services aren’t free, the costs to rent out a bike or scooter for your commute can be cheap. And, the best part is you’ll avoid all that morning traffic that Hawaii’s infamous for. 

Option #2: Campus shuttle
Depending on what area you’re commuting in from, an option that may be available to you is a campus shuttle.

Although this might not be available at every college, for those who do have it and live in one of the neighborhood accessible areas, a campus shuttle is a great way to comfortably get to class typically free of charge.

Just be sure to check the route and frequency schedule ahead of time so you know when to be out at the pickup location and if you’ll be able to make your class on time.

Option #3: Public transportation
Similarly, public transportation is another great way to commute to school while managing to keep your travel expenses low.

Just be sure to know which bus or other forms of public transportation you’ll need and whether transferring to another one is necessary.

A bus ride can help you get in some last-minute studying or a short nap.

Option 4: Ride shares
Another option available are ride shares or taxi services. This option may provide you with the most direct and quickest route. 

Option 5: Buy a car
If you live too far away for the other options, you should consider buying a used or new car.

But, there’s a lot of research and homework you need to do before you try and finance any new vehicle.

In addition to being the most expensive of all the options, if you’re not careful you could be paying more than you realize for months or even years down the line.

At HawaiiUSA Credit Union, they can go over your finance options, as well as help you grow in the confidence needed to choose wisely with the things you need.

So, if a car is what you need for your college life visit any of their conveniently located branches and their team of experts can help you make that need a reality.

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