With the professional football playoffs fully under way, many are making it a weekly thing to host playoff parties.

But whether you’re a super fanatic or just a casual fan, these parties can put a serious hurt on your wallet… if you’re not careful.

Here today to share some game-winning cost-saving tips to keep your party from needing a desperation, last-second Hail Mary touchdown pass is Jon Hanai from HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union.

He explains that When it comes to food and drinks, there’s no reason that you, the host, should need to feel obligated to prepare everything.

Go with a pot luck style party and have each attendee be responsible for a dish that will serve a certain designated amount of people.

Coordinating things can even be as simple as sending out a group message, creating a social media event, or simply assigning individual responsibilities ahead of time.

This way not only will everyone know what they need to do, it will also alleviate any concern about item overlap.

While at it, what can make things easier on everyone’s time and money is sharing any sales or promotions you come across. 

If you’re looking to keep costs down, you may want to cut down on decorations or other accessories used to embellish the party area.

Covering the place in your team’s colors and logo might make for a great ambiance, but it can definitely set you back more than a few dollars.

The same goes with team apparel.

Dressing up in your favorite player’s jersey or sporting an official team hat might make you feel like you’re more a part of the game, but think carefully about these types of unnecessary spending, especially if you’re not planning on wearing these items on a more regular basis.

Additionally, resist the urge to upgrade your entertainment system just for the game.

A huge TV and a high-tech sound system might make the game seem more exciting, but the bill you’re left with after purchase might make that happiness short-lived.

Sometime even after trying your best to cut as many costs as you can you’ll still find yourself over budget.

In cases like these, you’ll need to make compromises elsewhere.

Calculate how much extra money you’ll need and see where you can start saving in the other parts of your life.

Are you someone that tends to buy coffee every day?

Try cutting it down to just a few times a week.

Start meal prepping and bringing home lunch.

Instead of going out, plan a fun evening at home.

A single small compromise might not be enough, but collectively they really add up and that savings can be used to make your football parties amazing.

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