Money Matters: Ways to save in College


For most teens, college is often the first major move in their young adult life.

And when it comes to dorming or living away from home, trying to decide what’s critical to have can be difficult.  

So, in today’s Money Matter’s segment, Jen Oyape, a Service Specialist at HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union gives us some tips on how to recognize “need” versus “want.”

“One of the most basic items that comes to mind when thinking about furnishing your dorm is a TV.  But you can save space and your money by skipping on a TV because it’s not an essential purchase,” says Oyape.  

“Nowadays who doesn’t have a smart device or computer? And with the various free-to-watch and paid streaming services available, you already have access to all the latest news, viral videos, TV shows, and movies,” she says. 

Shopping for food is another opportunity/area to save.    

“When it comes to snacks, you need to start checking weekly for sales. It might not seem like much a first, but a dollar here, another dollar there, and sooner rather than later you’re looking at a lot of savings,” says Oyape. 

And finally, Oyape recommends keeping a minimalist wardrobe.  “You’ll find yourself with a lot less storage-related stress,” she says. 


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