Drunk or impaired driving is still the leading cause of death in traffic accidents in Hawaii and nationwide.

In 2016, statistics show that more than half of the 120 statewide traffic fatalities were alcohol-related.
If you plan on drinking this 4th of July holiday, DTRIC Insurance wants to remind you to designate a sober driver (not the person who’s had the least to drink) ahead of time and leave your keys at home. 

To help support their statewide initiative of safer driving, DTRIC Insurance and the Hawaii Restaurant Association have teamed up to provide an online book of non-alcoholic beverage recipes called “Mocktails.”

These are safe alternative beverages that are 0% alcohol and 100% great.
The book includes 12 delicious drink recipes created by Hawaii bartenders that are safe alternatives to drinking and driving.
Michele Saito, president/CEO of DTRIC Insurance, tells us all about the online book and their initiative. 

To download the Mocktails recipe book, go to https://www.DTRIC.com/Mocktails.

Website: http://hawaiirestaurant.org