Miss Media- Health Apps


Whether you vowed to get healthy as your New Year’s Resolution or you’re just joining the 35th Annual Great Aloha Run for fun, there are apps that can help you stay on the right track.

Miss Media introduced us to 2 apps to keep your health and nutrition on point.

The first is a free app called Run Tracker.

This is good for anyone from a couch potato to a serious runner to keep metrics on your activity to keep adjusting goals as you advance.

Miss Media’s second pick is called My Macros Plus. 

This one tracks more than just count your calories like the popular My Fitness Pal app does. 

Macros Plus helps to track Protein, Carbs and Fat separately along with the calories.

This helps to make sure you’re eating a balanced diet- not too much or the wrong kind of fat with the right kind of carbohydrates and proteins.

This app costs $2.99 to download. 

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