Minamoto Kitchoan: Japanese New Year Sweets and Good Luck


Minamoto Kitchoan is offering Living808 viewers 15% off regular price for New Year items, while supplies last! According to Japanese belief, good fortune and happiness will come to the home of those who smile. All the packages are very cute and unique and is a perfect New Year gift to share with your family and friends.Otafukumen:

The Otafuku Mask, is a symbol of good fortune and happiness in Japan and will naturally bring you a smile.

Inside a box is a Japanese manju cake filled with a milky white bean paste.

Otafuku Mask comes with the box. You can play with the mask for fun!

Daruma san-Manju which is less sweetened Kinton (sweet potato paste) with white beansOshishi:

Black sesame paste wrapped with soft textured rice cake

Geishun Kikka

The combination box of Daruma & Oshishi

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