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A new high-tech notification program introduced by MDX Hawai’i is helping to keep patients discharged from the hospital from being readmitted. The new notification system appears as an “instant message” in the physicians’ electronic medical records — indicating that a patient has been released from the hospital and prompting the physician’s office Hawai’i to facilitate a follow-up visit as soon as possible. So far approximately 90 MDX Hawaii physicians have been utilizing this new technology and the majority of them have been able to get their hospital discharged patients in for a visit within 14 days – and many times even faster. With another set of “eyes,” and the comforting care of their regular doctor they will be on the mend sooner. And research shows the follow-up visit helps prevents them from being readmitted to the hospital.
When patients are released from the hospital they need follow-up care, for 2 major reasons
No. 1 First they are at risk of ending up back in the hospital
· Studies show patients are 10 times more likely to be readmitted to the hospital if they do not see their PCP within 30 days after they are discharged from the hospital.
· Evidence also suggests that patients who see a doctor 7-14 days of being discharged are significantly less likely to end up back in the hospital.
· Only half of re-hospitalized patients in the U.S. see a physician after discharge. That’s because the doctor may not know the patient has been hospitalized. So this notification method helps alert the doctor to get the patient in for a post-discharge visit
to review any new medical conditions and treatment changes.
· Studies show that seniors patients will lose their ability to live independently after an inpatient hospital discharge. It is important that we keep our seniors out of the hospital and reduce the avoidable readmissions.
No. 2 Patients need help with their medications.
· 88% of emergency hospital admissions among elderly patients are due to adverse effects related to medications — two thirds end up in readmissions.
· A visit with a primary care doctor after discharge includes a review of all medications —including those prescribed in the hospital and current or previous medications.
· By reviewing medications, the doctor can decide if the updated medication list will help treat the patient or cause more problems in the long run.

The MDX Hawai`i network of healthcare providers serves 35,000 Medicare Advantage patients. It encompasses 635 primary care physicians and over 2,200 specialists, health systems and ancillary providers throughout Hawaii. For more information, visit:

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