The Maui Ocean Center is turning 25, and they are celebrating by offering added benefits to their annual members. Tapani Vuori, the General Manager of the Maui Ocean Center, talks about the center’s journey since its inception, and what makes it special. “It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years. I’ve been here pretty much from the beginning, almost the whole time. So I feel like I’m one of the exhibits here,” says Tapani. The Maui Ocean Center is known for its unique exhibits, and Tapani recommends checking out the new humpback exhibit, as well as the Kahoolawe exhibit, which highlights the local sense of the island.

Tapani explains that the Kahoolawe exhibit is his favorite because it is very emotional and meaningful. The exhibit is all about protecting, conserving, and restoring the ocean, which is a vital part of the local community’s culture. To encourage people to become members, the center is also releasing a T-shirt that features the aweoweo and vibrant colors of the fish in the ocean. It carries a message of the importance of protecting the ocean.

Tapani encourages viewers to support Maui Ocean Center in their efforts to rehabilitate the ocean. He believes it is essential for the community to work together to find collaborative solutions. There are also added benefits for annual members this year, making it worth becoming a member. If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to celebrate the ocean and its wonders, the Maui Ocean Center is the place to be. To find out more information you can visit or call them at 808-270-7000.