Honolulu (KHON2) – Maui Divers Jewelry welcomes its customers to its design center to shop from an array of freshwater pearls.

All of Maui Divers Jewelry is locally made at the Design Center in Honolulu. Hand-crafted by its team, Maui Divers Jewelry offers a variety of sustainably harvested pearls.  

“Here at Maui Divers Jewelry we offer Freshwater Pearls in different colors and styles that allows our customers to create their own personal pieces. Some of the most common pearls that guests purchase are cream or white, with pinkish or silvery overtones. We also have purple, peach, blue, blackish, or bronze tones,” says Cole Slater, CEO & Creative Director of Maui Divers Jewelry.

Guests are invited to check out the Maui Divers Jewelry Design Center for a free tour, where guests can shop pieces as well as create custom designs.

Maui Divers Jewelry can be found on all major Islands and online. The Maui Divers Jewelry design center is located in Honolulu. 

Maui Divers Jewelry 

Website: https://www.mauidivers.com/

Social Media Handles:

IG: @MauiDiversJewelry

Facebook: @MauiDiversJewelry

TikTok: @MauiDiversJewelry

Maui Divers Jewelry Design Center 

Address: 1520 Liona Street, Honolulu, HI 96814