Taoipu “Jr Faitele” is recognized as today’s Lokomaika’i Kindness With Aloha winner.

According to his nominator, Alexis Nuner, “Junior is the most giving person you’ll ever meet. If he sees someone less fortunate than he is, he will ask them what they want to eat from the restaurant that we are at, and he will purchase the food for them; regardless of what they choose, no matter the price. When Junior goes to convenience stores and someone is outside asking for change, he will bring them inside and tell them to pick any food or drink they want, and he will pay for it.”

Congratulations Taiopu “Jr” Faitele -you have shown “Lokomaikai,” kindness, in our community! Your nominator, Alexis Nunes also did an act of kindness by nominating you. On behalf of KHON2, Living808, and Southwest Airlines–you and your nominator will receive domestic travel awards on Southwest Airlines!