Local teen turns to music to build self-confidence


It’s hard to believe that Waipahu High School student Erica Lactaoen is only 15-years-old. Taking on powerful ballads like Jennifer Hudson’s iconic “I Am Changing”, Lactaoen is quickly making a name for herself in the local music scene and singing competitions.

Her love for singing came from her family who provided her opportunities to show off her talent at family gatherings. Ironically though, it wasn’t until recently that Lactaoen decided to take her talent to the big stage in local competitions.

“I never really wanted to join competitions because I had low self-esteem,” Lactaoen confessed. “But, I’ve decided to it out for the experience. I feel a lot more comfortable entering competitions now because to me, it’s not the desire to win, it’s the desire to perform for people.”

Overcoming her fear has led her to accomplishing thing she never though possible. She recently won her school’s talent competition “Waipahu’s Got Talent” which gave her the opportunity to compete in Brown Bags to Stardom. It was there that she won second place in the Female Solo Vocalist category.

At the end of the day, it’s her desire to share a story with an audience, uplift people with music, and her family that motivates her to chase after her dream.

“The desire to carry on my family’s legacy gives me the motivation to sing my hear out on stage,” explained Lactaoen.

Check out Erica Lactaoen’s performance of “I Am Changing”, and remember her name…. because you’ll definitely be seeing it. m

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