Honolulu (KHON2) – Local tattoo business, Candy Shoppe is offering safe space and assistance to domestic violence victims. 

“I created a safe space for people as they transform their appearance through the art that we bring to life throughcollaboration. People often will be more comfortable telling you their stories and from there the concept usually comes alive for me. I pour a little bit of myself into each piece.  I ask a lot of questions to get to know the person, which ultimately creates a safe space,” says, Candy Smorse, owner of Candy Shoppe. 

According to Smorse, tattoos are often very significant and resemble life changes, transitions, and growth in people’s lives.

Smorse says, “This issue hits home for me because as an artist, I cover up already a number of names already that people tattoo on themselves and replace it with something more special.”

In addition to physical healing, domestic violence victims will have assistance thanks to UH Schools’ social work program. 

“December is a client of mine who is a social worker at UH. We have had a few conversations about this and finally I was like hey can you help me get this off the ground and she said yes and bam here we are.  It gives us more credibility honestly and she can do the research, while I provide the art and we talk about it and it justifies the grant,” says Smorse.

To learn more about the Candy Shoppe’s work with domestic violence victims, customers can reach out via their official website. 

Candy Shoppe:

website: www.inkbycandy.com