Retired Colonel Trey Johnson spent nearly three decades serving our country.  

Raised in Raleigh NC and taught by parents during childhood to be inspired by having a sense of purpose by service to greater good.  

His father was a Marine and small business entrepreneur while his mother was a very strong person of work ethic, selflessness, and character.

These values combined with a love of athletics led to his attendance at East Carolina University where Trey played football as a walk-on, earned an Army ROTC scholarship, and Bachelor’s degree in Business.  

After 27 years of military service, Johnson got a phone call that led to his retirement and changed his life forever.  

At the time, his 5 year old son was diagnosed with Leukemia.

He did what any father would do, and turn his attention to his family and make his sons treatment and recovery, his priority.  

Now Trey Johnson is fully engaged with initiatives designed to build young leaders, with strong initiative and character, and support causes that make an impact on the ‘greater good’ at numerous levels; military, community, college, high school and youth levels.

He fulfills this passion to ‘give back’ by development of young leaders in several ways.

These are all the things that make him a perfect fit as our Living808 Local Hero.