Honolulu (KHON2) – Hawaii International Film Festival celebrates local filmmakers at its 41st anniversary.

Local filmmaker, Malia Adams makes her Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) debut with production of “I WILL BE YOUR BREATH.”

“The film is about Kamahina, who learns about her great-grandmother and what she had to go through as a Hawaiian woman in the early 1900s. Through this, Kamahina understands her great grandmother’s history and connects with her roots. Kamahina’s journey is shown through the depiction of the forest taking over her house. And in the same time period, her great-grandmother in the forest masters the new culture forced upon her, as a means of survival,” says Malia Adams, Director of I WILL BE YOUR BREATH.

Influenced by her great-grandmother, Adam’s hopes to encourage the audience to be open with their past, as she feels it is the foundation of what makes them unique. 

Adams says, “The one thing that really stayed with me while listening to the tapes, was the fact that my great-grandmother learned Hawaiian on her own, and I took that as another way of resistance in a period of time where all that they wanted was to erase us. With this short film I want to let everyone know that thanks to those who were before us, we are still here today, and that we will not be erased.”

Fans are encouraged to check out the official website of the Hawaii International Film Festival for a complete schedule of events and films.