Local Author Releases New Book for Young Adults


Honolulu (KHON2)- Cami Nihipali goes by the name of CL Walters as an author and just released her new book in October, The Stories Stars Tell.

The Stories Stars Tell is about perfectionist Emma and party-boy Tanner who seem to have nothing in common except one crazy night junior year and the fact they are graduating from high school facing the great unknown with regrets. When the stars align to put them together once again, they discover that it might be enough, finding pieces they didn’t even know were missing in one another’s arms. But looking to be completed by someone else always comes at a price, and for Emma and Tanner, this one could be too high.”

We wanted to know what inspired this new book.

“Several years ago, I read Peggy Orenstein’s Girls and Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape. I’d picked it up as a parent but discovered as I read that I was wrestling with my own experience as a young woman raised amidst purity culture. Fast forward a few years to the #metoo movement and this story coalesced into an examination of the ways culture impacts both males and females with regards to sexuality.”

The book is geared toward young adults with a target audience between 14 and 18 years old.

“I would recommend this book for an audience sixteen and older as is the case with most of my books. I write heavier themes, and it is important to me to be honest in the storytelling. The Stories Stars Tell is a sex-positive story, which means it does depict sex and characters making empowered decisions about their sexuality. There’s strong language, mature themes, substance use, and family conflict as a depiction of teenage life. But like all YA, it ends with hope, which is why I love the genre so much.”

To check out the book available visit clwalters.net online or on social media @cl.walters on Instagram CL WALTERS on Facebook and on Twitter @peeledandcored.

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