In today’s edition of Living Akamai, Kay Mukaigawa of Engel & Volkers invites another special guest on the show.  Pacifico Dumbrique provides the education & the ability to run numbers in order to compliment the real estate agent, mortgage lender & escrow team.   The company coaches clients on 3 major factors: Affordability, debt to income ratio & credit.  Now the first two – affordability and debt to income ratio go hand in hand. When you first get a pre-qualification with a mortgage lender, the general rule is the lender can only offer you a loan where every debt payment fits into a 45% debt to income ratio otherwise known as DTI.  The remaining 55% of your income would have to cover your living expenses and this is where affordability comes into play because everyone has a different lifestyle, family situation, tuition expenses, etc.  They believe it’s extremely important to have a balance sheet of your finances where you take an inventory of your income, assets and liabilities to see what you can truly afford when purchasing a property to make sure that after all expenses are paid you do have cash flow and not run negative. 

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