The focus on the latest edition of Living Akamai is the importance of a Real Property Disclosure Statement.  Kay Mukaigawa spoke about the 5-page document and how beneficial it is for prospective buyers.

“This disclosure statement requires the SELLER to accurately disclose all “material facts” about the property.  “Material facts” are defined as “any fact, defect, condition, past or present that would be expected to measurably affect the value, to a reasonable person, of the residential real property being offered for sale.”

Owners need to take this document seriously and fill it out as completely as possible and look for old receipts and warranties on items like roofs, or termite tenting, to attach to the disclosure. The importance of disclosing past or present problems with the home is imperative and filling out the disclosure as completely as possible, can help PROTECT a SELLER against possible, future litigation.

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