In this edition of Living Akamai, Kay Mukaigawa invites a special guest for a conversation about conserving energy just in time for the holiday season. Christy Tomas from Hawaiian Electric joined Kay to share energy saving tips concerning phantom power and electricity usage.

“You may have heard us talk about different ways to save energy but today we wanted to focus on the smart power strip – what it is, how it works, and how easy it is to use. Something people may not be aware of is that a lot of electronics draw power, even when they are not in use.  This is called standby power, or phantom energy,” says Christy Tomas.

Much like the Smart Phone and Smart TV, the smart power strip is a modern and convenient accommodation that seeks to save a few bucks on the average person’s energy bill. The smart power strip combats phantom power by detecting when electronics or appliances are in standby mode and halts the electricity being sent, therefore minimizing a household’s energy usage.

There is a wide variety of smart power strips available with different combinations of outlets, but the most common one that Christy Tomas mentions is the following; an ‘always on’ outlet for the things that need constant electricity, several ‘switched’ outlets, and a ‘control’ outlet that will control when the ‘switched’ outlets turn on and off.

Smart power strips are available at most local retail or hardware stores. Hawaiʻi Energy also has an online marketplace that offers smart power strips as well as a multitude of other energy saving products and can be found at

More energy saving resources can be found at Hawaiian Electric’s My Energy Use Portal. For more information visit, or call Engel & Völkers at 808-725-2000.