In previous Living Akamai segments, we’ve learned a lot about real estate in Hawaii with Kay Mukaigawa of Engel & Volkers Honolulu.  Today, a special guest joined Kay to give us deeper insight into mortgage lending. Nelson Oyadomari, a loan officer at Primary Residential Mortgage, joined Kay for a conversation about mortgage lending. He also spoke about why credit scores matter, and how they can affect your loan and payments. 

When asked what advice he you give to someone who’s planning on purchasing a home, Nelson suggests “Meet with a trusted mortgage professional early in the process, and if necessary, develop a plan to optimize your credit profile.  If you wait to do this when making an offer, it may be too late to improve your situation.”

He also shared different credit score scenarios and how the change can make a huge difference to payments. Watch the video for the breakdown, and for more real estate information and tips, visit