In this edition of Living Akamai, Kay Mukaigawa of Engel and Volkers invited Michelle Ogata from Estate Planning Partners, on the show to discuss the process clients need to go thru to be prepared.

“Estate planning is this process that clients go through where they create legal documents and it’s really there to make sure that if they become incapacitated or after they’re gone, the transition for their family is smooth and it’s there to make sure that their assets go to the right people without any of these documents in place.”

And while it is so important to be prepared, people still put it off.

‘Unless there is a serious health or medical condition, I think for most of us, we don’t think we’re going to go and, not any time soon. But unfortunately, as you know, I think we all know someone who’s left us before their time.’

Michele explained what can make it easier for loved ones left behind.

‘One of the one tips that I would give to people is be organized at home. When people pass away, our starting point is to figure out whether any legal documents completed and also what kind of assets does this person own? And we’ve had situations where the family is going to boxes and boxes or just stacks of mail that is just sitting there and not in an organized way.’

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