Life of Joy with Hugette: Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos


Honolulu (KHON2) –  Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos is the latest lesson from Living808’s segment, Life of Joy with Hugette.

Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez, The CEO of Disfunkshion Magazine, Website and Coach explained how the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system play roles.

“The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for our fight or flight response which is used for protection from danger. So, essentially, that one sets us up with high levels of adrenaline and chemicals meant for short term use and used for protection from danger,” says Hugette. “The parasympathetic nervous system is activated so we can learn and make important decisions, and it’s only in the parasympathetic nervous system that we can experience joy.”

That’s why building a space of peace, stillness and serenity is important.

Chaotic situations are affecting people on many levels. On the Global/Community Level, Hugette describes “the collective stress due to fear of unknown, due to disease, due to the fears that are happening from the outside world that we can’t calculate or control or even understand.

She also points to experiencing Lack of freedom from freedoms that we used to have say 6 – 10 months ago. So we are experiencing and adjusting to new normal that are creating a different level of stress that we haven’t experienced before.

At Home – We are doing way more than we ever have before. We feel like we don’t have a lot of margin and are moving a lot but aren’t really going anywhere.

One very important and powerful tip that we can take on to build on a life of peace and stillness is a breathing exercise that Hugette likes to call “The Square” because you do the same amount of breathing for four specific periods.

Here’s how it works: You breathe in for five seconds, you hold your breath for five seconds, you release your breath for five seconds and you hold without any air in your lungs for five seconds. You repeat this four to five times.

This exercise helps oxygenate your brain so that you are able to clear your mind, clear your brain so you can make more calculated and wisdom driven decisions. It also helps your body to destress and deactivate the chemicals that are making us run as if we were running away from danger. It helps to escape this mode of emergency.

Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez is a speaker, happiness researcher and proud Cuban-Venezuelan. Nine years ago, she set out to create her own dream business, a colorful magazine and movement, dedicated to living joyfully and celebrating women worldwide.

All shapes, all sizes, all backgrounds, all real. she crafted a magazine and lifestyle that would honor the beauty of our inside world to mold and create our outside reality and not the other way around as she was used to seeing.

Now Hugette has expanded to coaching, a YouTube channel, and online workshops where she shares the tools she’s found to living a fully happy life.
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