Today is Giving Tuesday, a day people kick off the holiday season by giving back to our community. Whether it is donating money to a charitable cause or volunteering, Giving Tuesday is a day set to benefit others. Today we are featuring the local non-profit charity, Let Grace In. Founders Ka’eo and Gabby Gouveia joined us with the details on their amazing organization.  

Gabby shared, “LGI is a 501c3 tax exempt organization based on Oahu who supports the whole family after the death of their child.  Our mission is to restore hope to families by building Community and fostering physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. LGI serves the Community with 3 main programs:  

The Hope Retreat- a holistic retreat that provides a compassionate space to do the grief work over 4 days. 

Monthly Therapeutic Events : day events to try on a therapeutic tool and connect with other grieving ohana on a similar journey. 

Scholarships to the Grief Recovery Method 7 week, 1 :1 experience.  The GRM is an evidenced based educational series with therapeutic benefits.”         

To see how you can help Let Grace In and support care for a grieving family, visit