Let ‘Ekahi Health help you have a healthy, happy Holiday season


The ‘Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program is a 9-week program focused on making lifestyle modifications to help participants prevent or even reverse the effects of heart disease and other chronic conditions.  

According to Blair Grant, Clinical Care Manager, they focus specifically on reducing stress, moving more, improving relationships, and eating better.

They understand the holidays can be stressful and want to help you be healthier.

“There is a lot of pressure to have the best meal, with the most guests, and buying gifts can be both stressful in choosing the gifts as well as making sure to not-overspend,” says Grant.  

Holidays also bring a lot of opportunities to overeat – and to overeat unhealthy foods.  

“‘Ekahi Ornish can help people learn how to stress less by changing the way they respond to stress and taking time to focus on their own health, move more with regular exercise, improve relationships through skills like learning how to listen and be willing to share their feelings without judgement, and eating better by focusing on a plant-based whole food diet,” he adds. 

In the ‘Ekahi Ornish program, Grant says people can expect to lower biometrics like blood pressure, cholesterol, A1c, and experience happy side-effects like reducing the amount of medications they may be taking and even lose some weight.

To get started, speak to your physician and call one of their support specialists at 777-4001 or visit them at https://www.ekahiornish.com.

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