Many of us know the catchy jingle we here on the radio or tv, some even sing along and that’s because Lava Lining has been in business here in the island for 25 years.  Auto detailing and bed lining protection with nearly 200 trucks per day passing thru their shop.  Part of the largest dealer in the world with over 700 dealers using their services around the country including Nissan, Ford, and Toyota.   Lava Lining is a spray on coating that protects your paint in the truck bed from scratching and rust.  It adheres directly to the surfaces so no liquid or moisture can come between the truck and coating causing rust.  While this style has been around for many years, a new way of using the spray has become popular over the last five plus years.  Now you can have your entire truck or car sprayed with the Lava Lining coating and painted to your preferred  color.   For details on this and how you can protect your car or truck, visit