Kunoa supports local, sustainable ranching


Kunoa believes that whenever possible the food eaten in Hawaii should be born, raised and processed here.  

Hawaii grown by Hawaii’s own – local, natural and healthy food is the best food — is the company’s motto.

Bryan Mayer has recently joined Kunoa as the Director of Product.

“Beef is a nutritionally dense part of a well-balanced meal. By raising cattle locally on open pastures, we have happier, healthier cows, which provide a more nutritionally rich and higher-quality product.”

Kunoa supports local, sustainable ranching practices and operates Oahu’s only USDA-inspected harvesting facility on Oahu.

This allows partner ranchers to provide local product to the marketplace, in addition to Kunoa’s pasture-raised cattle on Kauai

Mayer gave Living808 viewers some simple tips on cuts of meat and how to prepare those cuts the best.
To learn more or find our products, visit www.kunoacattle.com and click on “Where to Buy.”

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